Suburban phoenix

As I look at the ashes of my old house, it occurs to me that it’s all over. I’ve lost my dog, my belongings and worst of all, my beautiful Range Rover. The fire stole my story. The recession stole my job. I’m a man without possessions, but I’m not going to turn into a … Mer Suburban phoenix



He was a saint. He was a hero. He was my lover. He’s a drug. He’s a drug. He’s a drug. A sexy drug that left me for the bartender at the gay bar. The withdrawals are awful and I’d like to get a lobotomy. Oh well. He is a drug. A dirty needle that’s stuck … Mer 03-10-14

The box

Be a box. Buy a box. Live in a box.  Drive in a box. Worship a box. Hate the people in the other boxes. Go to war with other boxes.  Take orders from the creators of boxes.  A box is a cage, a box is an illusion, a box is made by leaders.